16 Tricks That Help Your Salesperson Can Be Used In Facebook Ads

Do you use Facebook ads?

The great way for online store owners to get a bigger audience for their products. Most importantly, it also gets you the right audience for your products.

The great way for online store owners to get a bigger audience for their products. Most importantly, it also gets you the right audience for your products.

Facebook gives you an easy way to target a very specific customer, and bring them back to your website is convenient for e-commerce owners ,.

You can click more value by using some tricks and tips, through which you can get more clicks, more target customers, and more sales.

1. Multi-product circular use

Facebook lets you choose a multi-product carousel ad. There are many reasons why this particular type of ad can increase your clickthrough rate (CTR) and reduce your costs.

First of all, it's interesting and interactive. Clients want to scroll through and see more products. Our natural plot leads us to click and play with it. That attracts more people to your brand, and engages them.


Second, a group of products emerge that work together. Use this option to tell a story, or explain how multiple products interact.


Third, use it to show off a wide variety of products. Let's say you sell snowboard gear. Customers may not immediately want to purchase a snowboard, but you can use the crossbar to show them cheaper products like shoes or wax. It gives them a much greater reason to click.

2. Use of video ads

, The ad is more likely to find its way to people's feeds with a video. Because Facebook's algorithm actively prioritizes video content. Not only that, it is more attractive as a format. Statistics show that more than half of daily Facebook users watch videos on the platform every day.


It's very likely that your customers will stop watching and watching a video, as it starts playing immediately when they hover over it.


You can also use it to show your products in action. For example, Asos does this to show off its clothing collection. If you own a fashion store, you can do something similar yourself. When creating your ad, choose the video format.

3. Use of Facebook "offers"

Everyone loves a sale, and your customers are more likely to click when offering a discount


If you've got a sale on your products, you can create a custom sale or display ad. Why not create an introductory show to attract people? See how Macy is showing 25% off all products over $ 100.


The best thing about this In the advertisement above  is that your potential customers don't even need to leave Facebook to retrieve them. There is less friction, and the gap between selling is bridged. Clicking on the advertisement gives them a unique code that they can use on your website. This method also uses "social proof," by showing others that "14,991" people have actually claimed this. All in all, this is a great way to attract new and existing customers to your website.

4. "Promotion" of existing popular posts

Sometimes, we get anxious about launching an ad, because we never know how it will react well. Will anyone click? Would it be a waste of money? This is why promoting an existing job is a great idea. You can choose a post that has already generated multiple posts, click copies, and interactions. In other words, you know it works. Now, simply boost it to reach thousands of new people.


You can choose to promote it to people who already like your page, or connect with new people. (I'll show you some more targeted tricks.) The beauty of a reinforced post is that you already know it produces results. Boost it, and you're almost guaranteed more sales and attention.

5. Stop selling!

In fact, studies show that we tend to adjust to blatant ads. We are so used to seeing ads on the internet that we ignore them automatically. Instead, find other ways to get value from your ad. Not every ad needs to focus on sales.


 As an e-commerce owner, events are a great way to increase brand awareness. One option is to promote the event. Perhaps you could host a product launch event in your area. If you own a fashion store, you can host an on-stage event or sponsor a clothing event. If you run a jewelry store, you can host a workshop in your local area. Then use an event on Facebook to raise awareness of it.

See how Jasper's Market is using an event to showcase their products. They don't actively sell anything, but it all contributes to final sales.

6. Promote your brand identity instead

This is another great way to advertise without actually selling anything. Take the North Face, for example. They are an outdoor and adventure store. However, their ads focus on enhancing their brand identity rather than direct selling.

They understand that Facebook ads work best when they are visual, inspirational, and viral in nature. In the long run, they will build their customer base, and boost their brand loyalty with this type of advertising.

7. Create a custom call to action

Facebook now lets you create a personal call-to-action. It's still widely used by brands and e-commerce sellers. If you ask me, this is one of the best new Facebook features. Instead of using the simple square formatting, however, your click-through rate will increase dramatically.

When creating your ad, head over to the "Text and Links" section. It will allow you to choose from some dropdown options, such as "Shop Now", "Learn more", "Register", etc. You can also enter a "call-to-action". This will drive your customers to click, and increase your potential sales.

 Facebook has the unique ability to serve you niche ads. It records the demographic and location data of most of its users. It also collects their interests, hobbies, and jobs. All of them are extremely beneficial to e-commerce owners. However, there are some more powerful ways to target your ads. Here are some simple ideas.

8. Target your visitors

Many store owners instinctively use Facebook ads to reach new customers. However, it is actually more effective at targeting people who have already visited your site. They are already familiar with your brand. They have already browsed your products. There is already a connection out there so they are more likely to buy from you. You just need to remind them! With Facebook ads, you can remind them of your website, and boost your brand identity in their minds.


First of all, you will need to use a small piece of code called "Facebook pixel". You can place it on your website, so that Facebook can collect information about who visits your site. Now, when setting up your ad, click on the option "Custom Audiences".

You will now see this option. Now, Facebook will target users who are already on your website. You are more likely to get clickthrough and sell ratio (CTR) with this technique.

9. Target your email subscribers

Again, this uses the same method above. Just this time, your target audience is associated closely. They participated in your email list, which means they are already interested in your products. Some facebook ads will increase your brand awareness more, and persuade them to buy.

10. People targeted something to buy something

Facebook launched a section of their targeting algorithm. It is called "behaviors", surrounded by a circle.

By trend to "buy behavior" in the drop-down list, you can choose to target people who buy a particular product. Suppose you are browsing websites looking to buy a new games unit. Using cookies on your browser, known as Facebook knows when you are looking for a new controller, so it starts to display ads that suit you. Maybe you've encountered this yourself.


Kings of e-commerce, you can heart tables. You can now target people who buy a controller. Perfect if you sell games or accessories. You can do this for almost anything: jewelry, fashion, sunglasses, etc.

11. Target persons based on their income (or intermediate overall)

If you store expensive products, your ads are generally wasted on an endless student! Let's assume you sell luxurious bathing soap at $ 100, or excellent sunglasses for $ 500 for the husband. Obviously you have a specific luxury market. I never seen a broken student drops $ 100 on a soap piece, so you just receive advertising money in the air if you promote your product to this broad audience.

By targeting people with high net income or high middle income, it is likely to reach your target audience.


Facebook is also classified as those who spend more than average online. Of course, Facebook users are happy to take their credit cards, and love online shopping! These are ideal users to target, especially when they narrow their scope according to population concerns and information.

12. Fathers targeted by the age of their children (or pregnant women targeted!)

Couples who are half the world away from each other love sending gifts. You can help them, by targeting them directly. Facebook uses various analyzes to identify couples who have long-term relationships.

As you can see in the picture, you can also target people if they have a coming memory. These people are always looking for a gift in the near future. You can also target friends from they have a new job or friends for recently engaged couple. These are people who are likely to be looking for something.


Improve the image


The facebook gives photos and priority videos higher than other forms of content, so you'll get it correctly. You must stop people in their tracks through an attractive image. Here are some tricks that will help you.

14. Use a white background

Declaration experts conducted thousands of tests and concluded that white backgrounds are leading more click. why? Because, in general, attention is drawn. Web designers regularly uses white space to make the main object more prominent.

In this picture, see how the orange color comes out of the screen. It is backed by the white screen behind it. The client's attention is automatically drowned so, it is very likely to click on the link. Try it yourself with your own ads.

15. Always place your product in the right hand

This trick may seem strange, but statistics show that the products are sold better when they are advertised in the right hand of the person. crazy! But true. All this depends on ancient marketing knowledge. In the store, for example, items you buy regularly are placed on the right side and you move down.


You can use this trick itself online. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the right hand. For most of us, it is more natural.

16. Use the exact number of pricing !

Your mind handles a simple character much faster than one person with pens. So, instead of promoting a pair of sunglasses at $ 14.95, promote them at $ 15. Do not hide from rounding up or down in order to achieve a click of better appearance.

Additional bonus Use the three base

The base of the three is a design principle helps to create a sense of balance in an image. Implementation of this principle is easy; Section of your photo to 9 square boxes by drawing two horizontally and two vertically. The development of your main theme in the cross sections of the lines drawn gives a balanced sense. Here's a declaration of this rule:

These guys are quite get here. Bright colors emerge, while there is a uniformity and balance - all thanks to the "three" base "use. Note how objects are deliberate; One third of the ad will be the shoe (the basic element) while the last third will be brand (secondary object). This provides a hierarchical sequence visible, where you first attracted to their beautiful documents, and then recognize the brand. It also provides the product and logo a lot of breathing space, giving it an elegant and balanced touch. Read more about FaceBook Advertising Principles.

Using these tricks, you can increase your sales in the short term and long-term.


As usual, I'm here to answer any questions you have about ad or marketing on Facebook in general. Thanks for reading!

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