3 tools for building an effective B2B marketing sales funnel

Do you run a B2B company?

Do you need more potential clients?

If you’re still reading this, I bet you tilt your head in agreement.

Everyone needs more leads, and so everyone needs a more effective sales funnel.


New Challenges B2B Businesses Are Facing

As web based marketing grows and matures, so are both challenges and opportunities for B2B businesses.

On the other hand, more and more brands need services, so there is definitely a growing demand for business between companies, especially now that the digital transformation brought about by COVID has disrupted the global economy.

Experts realize this and are starting to monetize their personal brands by providing services. Hence the fast-growing competition.

As competition becomes more complex and diversified, so do B2B clients.

In the B2B sector, there are always many decision makers involved.

What changes is the structure of the decision-making units.

 These days, there are many people involved – an average of 4-7 people has grown in a couple of years.

It usually consists of multiple people including the marketing manager, business development manager, brand manager, etc. It is clear that each of them has different needs that your marketing strategy must fulfill.

At the same time, the B2B buying journey is becoming less predictable and more complex. It claims to be twice as long in 6 years and I’m sure it has grown a lot more in 2020 when internet marketing has grown exponentially.

So the question arises. How do you create and convert leads in today’s rapidly evolving marketing climate?

There are, of course, many ways: from refocusing your services to meet new needs, to creating more content to naturally generate leads. However, there is only one essential step that every B2B business needs to take care of before taking further action:


Optimize your sales funnel.

Drive more traffic to your online store using performance based marketing.

Here are some tools that can help:

1. Diversify your lead generation methods

Have you noticed that your old lead generation methods are losing their efficiency? you are not alone. If the simple contact form on the Services page 10 years ago was enough to get links (provided there is any traffic coming to that page), it seems that web users these days are developing blind to web forms.

Literacy on the Internet is increasing, and so are privacy concerns. It becomes increasingly difficult to convince your visitors to share their email with you and agree to contact them. Here are some ideas for diversifying your lead generation methods:

Let shareasale.com find sales leads for you. Only pay when it works!

Chat robots

With the increase in artificial intelligence, there are quite a few solutions that allow you to easily create a smart chatbot that will send your site users down the sales funnel.

By answering their questions and sending them relevant links, a smart chatbot will always be there where needed, which helps your visitors to navigate your site with more confidence so that they trust you with their contact information.

Appointment scheduling program

Some leads may not even need to become leads. Shorten their buying journey by allowing them to become your customers right away, i.e. let them schedule a meeting with you without requesting one.

Appointfix is one of the easiest and most affordable tools allowing you to create on-page CTAs that lets site users schedule an appointment and get confirmed right away:



AI-Powered Surveys

Somehow people like to take polls and even quick polls, especially if they expect to see the answer details at the end. This makes polls a great way to generate lead.

Online surveys facilitated by AI convert your site’s users into leads more effectively by determining when each individual user is most likely to participate and the topics that will capture their attention.

Conventional lead magnets

A content strategy should include various content types targeting all different people in one decision-making unit. Usually, the decision-making unit consists of several executives such as the general manager, the head of marketing, and the head of sales.

It is normal for each of them to have their own needs from any product. An effective content strategy must address this difference in the organizational and personal priorities of each character within the DMU. Customer-facing lead magnets include:


White papers

Customer references



Value assessment tools

Product brochures, etc.


Visitor Identification Software

Finally, not all site users will entrust you with their contact information. But they could still become pioneers. Maybe the timing was wrong, or the website visitor was getting distracted, or maybe it was the wrong player inside that DMU.

You can still capture many of these potential customers with visitor identification software. These tools collect your site’s logs and identify the companies behind many of them.


While tactics of generating leads on the site (i.e. “inbound”) should be your priority, using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter ads will broaden your reach and collect more data for you, so don’t miss this step! Social listening is another great step to take


Invest in Paid Lead Generation Methods

While tactics of generating leads on the site (i.e. “inbound”) should be your priority, using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter ads will broaden your reach and collect more data for you, so don’t miss this step! Social listening is another great step to take

2. Automatically collect and nurture leads

The sales process typically consists of hundreds of small tasks that are performed by dozens of salespeople. It is a nightmare to effectively organize and manage.

Fortunately, there are new tools coming to the market that allow you to keep things well organized and streamlined with the application of artificial intelligence.

Where salespeople may abandon things or simply ignore them, Exceed selects things and engages potential customers in human-like conversations. Once the AI ​​assistant qualifies a lead for a sales call, it schedules the lead’s call with the relevant rep, again, saving valuable wasted time going back and forth to set up meetings.

3. Improve your sales funnel with A / B testing

Convert optimization is a never-ending process. You’ll always be looking for new ways to design your pages and improve your flow to achieve better results. This is where the continuous A / B testing and tuning comes into play.


As more and more companies are permanently switching to telecommuting, the B2B sector is growing rapidly. This is the time to start rendering services or launch a project, and by using the tools mentioned above, you can also create leads and convert them into customers very quickly. Good luck, may God reward you!

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