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Do you have an ambition to build a wonderful library in your city – what kind of place you imagined in your mind when you think of a big independent library.

It is ideal for browsing, with a lot of comfortable chairs to relax. Books are present attractive. There is a small café, so you can relax with Espresso coffee. They get your favorite book to participate in readings, so there is always an excitement and feeling.

They do everything correctly and have always had a lot of customers.

But they still close their doors last year.

No, not for the reasons you might consider. Amazon was not killed, or the spread of free content on the Internet or the terrible economy.

They closed the store because they were renting a comfortable great building … and when the lease runs, the owner of the property was three times.

Literally overnight, their work model left work. Revenue simply will not exceed costs. The decision taken by another party, one of whom had no control, take great and destroyed work.

This is exactly what every day you make your business depends entirely on another company.

May be Facebook. May be eBay. Google may be.

Digital participation, this means you build your business on someone else’s land.

It is a recipe for sadness and failure.

What is digital participation, anyway?

The term “crop participation” refers to common agricultural practices, but basically is the same feudal. The major land of farmers allows individual farmers to work on their land and benefit from most crop profits.

The owner has all control. If you decide to get rid of you, you will lose your livelihood. If he decides to raise his fate, you are more starvant. You can do all work, and get the owner on most profits, leaving you a cheap wage to win live.

 Anyone can create content on sites like Facebook, but this content actually belongs to Facebook. The greater the content we create for free, Facebook becomes more valuable. We are working, understanding profits.

From here we reach the meaning of digital participation:

Is a term drafted Nicholas Car to describe a strange phenomenon on the web 2.0.

One of the basic economic characteristics of Web 2.0 is the distribution of production in the hands of many and focusing economic rewards in the hands of the lack.


Well, we specialize in marketing content – and not subsistence farmers – our work does not involve 12 hours in harsh conditions. Is it still a threat?

Is there still a threat from digital participation?

Is there still a threat from digital participation?
It is also for several reasons …

Owner checkered


To take a look at Facebook. What if all your marketing transferred to a site like Facebook? It is a local, which is free to register and make companies feel they do something sophisticated.

But what happens when Facebook believes you’ve dumped the terms of service and deletes your account? Or changes the way that allows you to talk to your customers?

Facebook is a fast-changing platform, but it is not the only order. The entire industry grew up trying to figure out what Google will do tomorrow, as a search engine and an advertising platform.

If you depend on Facebook or Google to bring all your new customers, you are involved. I hoped that the owner will continue to admire and support your business, but the truth is that the owner has no idea about your identity and does not care about.

The owner goes away

The other problem in sharing is that the owner may be or not here next year.

Companies have developed millions of hours in sites such as Digg or MySpace. These sites still exist – but they no longer bring traffic that was present before.

In other words, the common land tends to become less fertile over time.

Maybe Facebook or LinkedIn or Pinterest refund this trend. Perhaps you will continue to stay healthy and vital for decades.

The best we can do is guessing. If we guess a mistake, our business slowly goes down.

Does Facebook and Google are bad to work?


of course not. Both facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, and many search sites and social sites are great to add to our marketing mix.

The secret is to spend most of your time and creative assets in building the energy they control.

There are three assets to be adopted today and must continue to focus on them throughout your digital business period:

  1. Sign up for email, ideally with high quality automated reply
  1. Reputation to provide impeccable value

The development of these assets is equivalent to buying your building instead of renting it.

Any of these can fall prey for external influences. The library building can be burned. Your site can be penetrated, close your email account, and distort your reputation.

But fix your assets is in your control. You can fix the blade that has been penetrated, and export your email list to another provider, and effectively to manage your reputation.

More importantly, you can protect these assets by taking the safety of website seriously, and avoid any undesirable or dodged practices with your e-mail, and develop a loyal audience will encourage you to be one of the righteous men.

I have put a lot of time and effort in your business – do not expose everything at risk through construction on a rented land.

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